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Goodbye Big Tree


Goodbye Big Tree

This product is het pocketbook “Afscheid van Grote Boom” in Dutch. A sheet with the translation of the story in English is added and can be used alongside the illustrations of the Dutch book. In this way the story of ‘Goodbye Big Tree’ can be used as a sequel to ‘Big Tree is sick‘.

The pocketbook ‘Goodbye Big Tree” is a meaningful gift for children who’ve lost a loved one due to illness. They can keep it with them as a support in hard times and it can help to discuss their emotions.

In 2009 the picture book ‘Big tree is sick’ was published. A moving story for young children on how to handle sickness of a loved one. For children in a similar situation, character Snibbles became a loved friend that shows them how to handle this emotionally confusing period. At the end of this book Big Tree slowly recovers. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone. Some patients eventually get the message they’re terminally ill.

This customizable little book tries to involve children in the last fase of the illness. Together with Snibbles they can discover what happens when the woodworms win. The pocketbook can be used on it’s own, but it is adviced to read ‘Big Tree is sick‘ first.

The strength of the pocketbook is the flower garland at the backside. Family and friends can give a personal touch to the black-and-white illustration and in that way show their support.

Title: Goodbye Big Tree
Autor: Nathalie Slosse
Publisher: van Halewyck
Illustrator: Rocío Del Moral

This product is free from tax.

Kernwoorden: kinderbook, children’s book, mourn, death, English, Engels

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