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Dear… is a beautifully illustrated and accessible book of remembrance for children aged between around 4 and 12. Young children can fill it in together with their parents. In the case of older children, you as funeral director assess whether the book is appropriate for the child in question.

Tangible memory of a loved one who has died.

Children deal with loss in their own specific way. They enjoy doing something. With Dear…, they create a tangible memory of a grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister, friend or other loved one who has died.
By writing, cutting, pasting and drawing, children create a lasting memory. At the same time, they deal with their loss in a playful way that is appropriate to their age. Parents can record happy memories and share feelings of sadness with their child(ren). This creates a sense of warmth, openness and a shared experience at a difficult time.

Title: Dear… A book of remembrance

Kernwoorden: children’s book, mourn, rouw, English, Engels, kinderboek, death

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